Property Management Agreement Template

Contractual language pertaining to insurance, E&R, liability and indemnification for property management-related agreements.

Tenant Activities Release Templates

Example Release Waivers for Tenant activities involving risk (e.g. participants in an athletic event on Authority property, etc.).

(PDF, 84KB, 1 pg.)

(PDF, 66KB, 1 pg.)

(PDF, 73KB, 1 pg.)

Indemnification Templates

Contractual language for indemnification for members pertaining to construction.

(PDF, 29KB, 2 pgs.)

(PDF, 29KB, 2 pgs.)

Example Policies & Procedures

Example language for policies and procedures on varied topics.

Contractual Risk Transfer Manual

Contractual Risk Transfer Manual

In this Contractual Risk Transfer Manual, we explain:

  • How to establish insurance requirements for contracts with various contractors, tenants, vendors, and users of public property;
  • How to monitor their compliance with those requirements during the term of the contract; and
  • What to look for when you review insurance policies and endorsements.

Sample Letters

Individual Steps Excerpts

You may download individual steps/sections excerpted from the full Contractual Risk Transfer Manual below:

(PDF, 768KB, 22 pgs.)

(PDF, 279KB, 2 pgs.)

Quota Share Deductibles