Property Management Agreement Template

Contractual language pertaining to insurance for property management-related agreements. Consult your Legal Professional for assistance with the indemnity or indemnification section of your agreement.

Tenant Activities Release Templates

Example Release Waivers for Tenant activities involving risk (e.g. participants in an athletic event on Authority property, etc.).

(PDF, 880KB, 1 pg.)

(PDF, 886KB, 1 pg.)

(PDF, 885KB, 1 pg.)

Indemnification Templates

Contractual language for indemnification for members pertaining to construction.

(PDF, 797KB, 5 pgs.)

(PDF, 786KB, 3 pgs.)

(PDF, 816KB, 2 pgs.)

(PDF, 781KB, 2 pgs.)

Insurance Guidelines for Service Providers

Example contractual language to assist in mitigating risk with service providers like property managers, facilities management, contractors, consultants, etc.
Insurance Guidelines

In this Insurance Guidelines document (previously titled Contractual Risk Transfer Manual), we explain:

  • How to establish insurance requirements for contracts with various contractors, tenants, vendors, and users of public property;
  • How to monitor their compliance with those requirements during the term of the contract; and
  • What to look for when you review insurance policies and endorsements.

(PDF, 581KB, 29 pgs.)

Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance

Verifying Compliance with Contract Requirements​

Workers Compensation Exemption

Workers Compensation Exemption