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Synchrous Leadership Team

Left to right: Robin Cox, Michelle Frye, Torey Plummer, Rick Gehlhaar, William (Bill) Gregory, Adiah Mattern, Rachel O’Neil, Rebecca Plummer

About Synchrous

Founded as HARRP (Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool) in 1987, Synchrous ensures rate stability through risk-sharing pools for public housing authorities and non-governmental owners of affordable housing properties. Member-owners in Oregon, Washington, California and Nevada have access to extensive information and resources on issues related to fair housing, employment law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, human resources, health and safety. Specialized expertise and care is provided by our own expert service staff and supplemented by counsel services and training, including an extensive resource library and an Attorney Helpline.

For tax-credit limited partnerships and the nonprofit affordable housing community, Synchrous provides higher limits of customized insurance at rates lower than traditional commercial insurers. Housing authority members and non-profit policyholders facing extenuating circumstances in California, Oregon and Washington may access service and coverage for property, liability and high-risk issues unique to the West Coast.

Mission, Visions & Values

The mission of Synchrous is to provide members and policyholders, on a consistent basis, a cooperative program of indemnification and financial protection against risks of loss relating to affordable housing operations and a cooperative program of risk management.

Synchrous shall endeavor to conduct its business to achieve long-term benefit to the members and policyholders as a whole, to pursue ethical business practices, sound fiscal policies, and courteous service.

Synchrous shall pursue such other purposes that are necessary or incidental to its primary purpose or that may be necessary or appropriate to protect or enhance its assets or business.

The Board’s adherence to the Synchrous mission, by developing appropriate policies and practices, assures continuing high quality risk management and insurance services.