Affordable Housing Providers

Affordable Housing Providers

Designed specifically for tax-credit partnerships, non-profit housing organizations, and housing authorities converting to non-governmental funding, Synchrous delivers low-cost, customized insurance coverage solutions at competitive rates. Let our loss control and risk-transfer experts work to solve unique issues that may confront the affordable housing community.

Who can join?

Housing associations, tax credit partnerships for affordable housing, nonprofit housing organizations, housing authorities converting their portfolio to non-governmental funding, or Synchrous members needing property manager’s coverage.

Primary Coverages Offered

Primary Coverage: Public Housing Property Insurance

Protection against risks to property caused by the perils of fire, theft, or weather.

Primary Coverage: Public Housing Liability Insurance

Protection for property owners resulting from negligent or inappropriate actions.

Primary Coverage: Tenant Discrimination Insurance
Tenant Discrimination

Protection for housing providers facing alleged discrimination to tenants and the ADA.

Why Pooling?

Affordable housing providers have choices in where insurance coverages are obtained. Pooling is an alternative to the commercial markets that provide stability, service and pricing.

Risk pools date back to the mid ’80s when commercial insurance companies decided they would no longer underwrite public agencies. The appetite for certain industries changes overnight in the commercial insurance environment. Habitational risks have experienced a high frequency of commercial insurance companies come and go over the last thirty years. Risk pools serve a vital function for their members in an ever-changing insurance environment.

Benefits of participating in the Synchrous pool:

Policyholder-Focused and Responsive

The Board of Directors consists of Executive Directors who understand how their decisions will affect members.

Cost Effective

Synchrous is not required to file with any of the state insurance departments and pay filing fees. Additionally, the reinsurance purchasing is group-based, which reduces the costs of coverage. Another benefit is the wide footprint of our pool’s risk: 432,000 square miles. Synchrous has no profit load and no commissions paid. All this controls the costs of providing specific coverage for policy purchasers.

Long Term Rate Stability

Pooling spreads the cost of risk among the members, thus stabilizing costs. The public agency risk pool has significant financial redundancies (surplus) that can be used to absorb fluctuations in market pressures or adverse claims experience.

Risk Control, Training, Claims Administration

Synchrous offers a wide array of services and aggressive claims resolution. This includes online training, in person staff training, attorney helpline and pool provided speakers on specific subjects such as Fair Housing. The claims philosophy at Synchrous is to pay claims that are justified and fight those claims that are not.

Tailored Coverage

Synchrous utilizes a manuscripted coverage agreement, which simply means that the Board of Directors controls what is and what is not covered. This provides unparalleled flexibility to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Any coverage adjustments can be done internally and does not need to be validated by state insurance officials. The coverages are designed to encompass day to day operational risks encountered by Members, not an off the rack insurance product that covers exposures not present in PHA operations.


In the event of the dissolution of the pool, the pool cannot assess members for future liabilities. Many pools that experience bad claims assess their members for the shortfall of funds needed to pay the claims. These assessments can sometimes be decades after the claims have occurred and many times assessments are levied against former members that no longer participate in the pool.


The Synchrous subsidiaries Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool (HARRP), Affordable Housing Risk Pool, LLC (AHRP) and ORWACA Agency Insurance Services, LLC. are designed to bring all the needed insurance products under one roof, be it through self-insured pooling or on the open, traditional insurance marketplace.

Are there additional services available to affordable housing providers?

Absolutely. The Synchrous Attorney Helpline is available to address any legal questions you may have. And our risk control services further ease the complexities facing members of the affordable housing community. Synchrous is more than competitive coverage. It’s also three decades of experience in tailoring the most comprehensive resources for this market. Don’t see something you need? Let us know. We are always here to help.

What makes these services valuable?

What makes these services different?

Supplemental Coverage options include, but are not limited to:

Contact us to discuss supplemental coverages options for your existing or new policy:

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Synchrous is affordable insurance for affordable housing providers.