Assessment Tools

In2vate Enterprise Risk Assessment Technology

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The following Assessment Topics are available to Synchrous Members:

Maintenance Checklists & Energy Calculator

Helpful checklists and energy calculator for assessment of maintenance of common facilities systems and equipment like lighting, boilers, HVAC, electrical and more.

HSB energy efficiency calculators encompass a wide range of energy hungry equipment and systems including: lighting, boilers, HVAC, electrical, mechanical equipment and more.

Risk Management & Attorney Helpline

Synchrous provides our members access to advice and legal council services through Enquiron's Attorney Helpline.

Login Access Required. To set up an account email Adiah Mattern or call 360-574-9035 x100

Cyber Security

To meet these threats head-on, Synchrous is teamed with leading experts in the cybersecurity industry like KnowBe4, and Zywave (new parent of Enquiron). These partnerships are designed to better inform property owners and managers to inform your cyber preparedness strategies and make it more difficult for hackers and scammers to ply their fraudulent trade.

Incident Response Plan (IRP)

The Incident Response Plan is a core component in being prepared with a strategy in the event of an attack or data breach. Evaluation scorecards determine the most appropriate IRP for your needs and easy-to-use templates clarify how data should be handled, how IT systems are best organized, and who to contact when needed.

Phishing Test

Our preferred vendor, KnowBe4, coordinates tests to identify staff who are most susceptible to phishing schemes. Industry benchmarking data shows how the organization compares to others. Training courses are also included to educate employees. Available at no cost!

Cyber Assessment

A simple 5-question assessment quickly identifies areas of potential cyber security liability with an explanation on the most vulnerable areas including policies and other resources to assist with reducing cyber risk.

Unlimited Advice to Synchrous Members

Our cybersecurity experts are available to address any questions you have and get your properties on the path to better protection.

Enquiron Training

Enquiron: Training resources that address cyber security issues.

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