Loss Control Grants

Grant Application Request

Loss Control Grant Program

Synchrous Risk Management provides grants to our members and policyholders to assist in offsetting the costs of implementing proven risk control measures, intended to reduce the frequency and/or severity of potential claims. The grants are replenished annually and are available with a simple form and review on appropriateness in the mission of curbing claims.

The details of the Loss Control Grant program are as follows:

  1. Members wishing to apply for use of loss control funding shall complete this application request.
  2. The proposal must address an exposure for which the member or policyholder has that impacts potential claims.
  3. The maximum amount per grant issued will be no more than $2,500 per proposal. However, multiple members may submit a joint proposal for more than the $2,500 per proposal limit. Such joint proposals would be limited to $5,000. Members/policyholders can apply up to two (2) times per year, for a maximum of $5,000, but not for the same loss control activity, such as specific training.
  4. Funding will be on a first-come, first-funded basis.
  5. Members must be willing to match the grant funding.
  6. Loss control grant funds will not be allowed for improvements to structures, repairs on structures or ancillary support for structures, or for the purchase of items that are legally required, such as smoke detectors.
  7. Funding requests will be reviewed by the risk management committee.