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All incidents must be reported as soon as possible, even if you think no claim will be presented.

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Common Questions

ALL incidents need to be reported to Synchrous even if you think no claim will be presented.

ALL claims involving your automobile(s) must be reported by filing an Auto Accident Claim. Your vehicle must be identified by make, model and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

ALL other claims are to be reported using the form here on this page.

ALL incidents/claims should be reported to Synchrous as soon as you are aware of them.

Synchrous sets up 3 types of claim files:

  1. “INCIDENT”— We feel there is no claim to be presented and will not investigate.
  2. “INACTIVE”— We feel there is a possibility of a claim being presented, but we do not actively work on the claim other than an initial investigation.
  3. “ACTIVE”— We investigate completely and maintain contact with the parties involved.

Synchrous asks that you do not contact the other party involved, but if they contact you, advise them that you have reported it to your insurance provider and that we will be in contact with them. Then advise us that they have contacted you, supplying us with the name, address, and telephone number of that party.

After most property claims, staff should immediately perform emergency clean-up and secure the site to eliminate any potential hazards. Then file the claim immediately by using the form on this page. From there, an insurance adjuster will contact you.

Your property coverage will not be jeopardized if you take the necessary precautions to protect property and secure against further damage. In fact, the Synchrous Coverage Agreements require that you take whatever action necessary to mitigate damage or loss.

Water damage losses of any kind need to be handled differently.

Water damage claims can create a lot of additional damage if not addressed properly and immediately. Structures and sub-structures, as well as flooring and woodwork, can deteriorate rapidly if the water is not extracted commercially with drying and dehumidification. Not only can deterioration progress, but mold and mildew can develop within 24 hours or less.

All maintenance staff, on-site staff, and emergency personnel should be trained on how to handle water claims, because you always want to mitigate the damage. Immediately after a water damage claim of any kind is identified, the water source should be shut off. You can begin removing any standing water and contents, simultaneously making sure that a commercial water restoration company is called out immediately (most, if not all, have 24-hour emergency response). We recommend that all first responders know this procedure and have an emergency restoration contractor’s 24-hour numbers available.

If you need assistance locating local water restoration contractors, or have any questions regarding losses or claims, feel free to contact Director of Claims, Rick Gehlhaar, at (360) 694-3500 ext. 106, or email him at

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