Safety & Loss Control

Fire Safety

(PDF, 56KB, 1 pg.)

(DOCX, 13KB, 1 pg.)

A community risk reduction (CRR) program can help your department take what you already know and lower the risks within your area of operation. CRR uses a wide variety of tools to form a strategic and integrated program focused on reducing the occurrence and impact of local risks.

Wildfire Safety

Preparedness steps grouped to provide the most impact for the time and cost involved. (PDF, 1.6MB, 3 pgs.)

When wildfire threatens, follow these last-minute steps to reduce damage to your business. (PDF, 732KB, 1 pg.)

Our partners at in2vate created this Wildfire Contingency Plan and Safety Tips document.(PDF, 102KB, 4 pgs.)

(National Fire Protection Association)

Suggested text, infographics, videos and read-to-share social content for posts on wildfire mitigation.

“Safer from Wildfires is an interagency partnership between Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara and the emergency response and readiness agencies in Governor Gavin Newsom's administration to protect lives, homes, and businesses by reducing wildfire risk.”

Playground Safety

(Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Water Loss Engineering Controls

Resources and systems for water loss control and mitigation.

• Shut-off below washer
• Floor drains in bathroom/ outside kitchen sink
• Concealed fire sprinkler heads
• IoT overflow/ freeze sensors
• Toilet overflow valves
• Automatic shut off valves


Workplace, environment and public safety publications, local chapters

OSHA laws, regulations and compliance links

Winter Safety

Resources and templates for winter, snow and ice safety.

A template for communication with residents on topics related to winter safety. (DOCX, 20KB, 3 pgs.)


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